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Siemens 5WG1501-1AB01

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Siemens 5WG1501-1AB01

N 501/01Combination blind actuator 4 x AC 230 V, 6 A, 8 x binary inputs

  • 8 inputs for DC or AC in the range from 12 to 230 V
  • 8 relay contact outputs locked in pairs against each other for controlling 4 × AC 230 V sunblind drives
  • Contact rated voltage AC 230 V
  • Contact rated current 6 A, p.f. = 1
  • Electronics powered by a AC 230 V integrated power supply
  • Device functional even without bus connection or if the bus communication fails
  • Preset on delivery for direct output control for each blind button function via momentary contact switches connected to the inputs
  • Key for switching between bus and direct mode
  • Button for each relay contact output, for switching the output in direct mode
  • Selectable function for each input when using the ETS:

  • Switching status, send binary value
  • Switching on leading edge, switching Short/Long
  • 1-pushbutton dimming, sunblind control, group control
  • 1-bit/8-bit scene control
  • 8-bit/16-bit value leading edge, Short/Long
  • 16-bit floating point value leading edge, Short/Long